Frequently Asked Questions


How can I prevent scratching or damaging my hardwood floors?

To protect your hardwood flooring: 

  • Use throw rugs to prevent dirt and grit from being tracked into the home and onto your hardwood flooring.
  • Place felt pads on the legs of all furniture to prevent scratches on your hardwood flooring.
  • Do not walk on your hardwood flooring with high heels and make sure that your boys take off their football and baseball cleats before running through the house. 
  • Never slide furniture across the hardwood flooring.
  • In kitchens, use area rugs at high spill locations like the sink, stove, and refrigerator to protect your hardwood flooring from moisture and wipe up all spills promptly.
  • Move area rugs occasionally to avoid uneven appearance from sun exposure on your hardwood flooring.
  • Sweep or vacuum under rugs regularly to prevent scratches to your hardwood flooring caused by dirt and debris trapped under the rug.

How should I clean my hardwood floors?

The key to keeping your hardwood floors clean is to do a little… often! Consistent and constant care to your hardwood floors is the best remedy for keeping them beautiful for a long time. Use mild, neutral cleaners on your hardwood floors. Never use Murphy’s Oil Soap or any products containing wax or soaps as these cleaners may leave a residue on the floors which breaks down the durability of the finish and affects the ability to maintenance coat successfully in the future. We have some great cleaning products in our store to keep your floors looking great for many years to come. 

I want to sand & finish my existing hardwood flooring, but I'm worried about the dust?

We provide dust free sanding on EVERY hardwood flooring project. We use the latest dust free containment systems on all of our sanding equipment making a minimal amount of dust. 

Can my engineered flooring be refinished?

We can sand and refinish most hardwood flooring including 3/8” engineered hardwood flooring. This is because we have the latest sanding technology that allows us to cut through the aluminum oxide finish on this product without destroying the wear layer. Most other companies do not have this technology or do not see it as the most profitable service for their company to offer, so they will advise you to tear it out and replace it. While there are times that the best option for you may be to tear out and replace or cover with another product, we will do our best to provide you with the option that makes sense for you and your budget. We always put our customers’ needs above our bottom line. Where some companies will give you the most profitable option for their company, we will give you the most beneficial option for your needs and pocketbook. 

Will I see seams in my carpet?

Carpet is not seamless, so yes there will be seams. However, we use the best technology available to ensure that seams are as minimal as possible. Carpets with patterns tend to show seams more. Thicker carpets such as cut piles or shags tend to hide seams better than thinner carpets and patterns. 

What is waterproof carpet?

Waterproof carpets have a waterproof backing that traps liquids before they make it through to the carpet padding or subfloor. Since the liquid is trapped in the carpet, it makes it much easier to remove the liquid from the carpet surface eliminating potential causes of odor or other problems in the future.